2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for IT Service Management Tools Report


IT Service Management can be referred to as the creation, development, and maintenance of IT services in an organization. The essential function of IT Service Management or ITSM is to maintain and manage the lifecycle processes of IT services.

You might be wondering what are IT services? Well, IT services consist of a broad range of products. Be it the laptop you are using or the smart speaker at your home, everything is a result of IT services. Many people often think that IT services consist of broad topics. But that’s not always true. Even something as simple as resetting your phone’s password can fall under IT services. Now that you have understood the underlying meaning of IT services let’s move on to ITSM.

What is the importance of ITSM?

ITSM is way more than IT support. It consists of everything related to end-user service management. An important question here is, why is ITSM essential?

ITSM is essential for a whole lot of reasons. Let’s look at some of them.

  • ITSM will help your business create a structured delivery and documentation process.
  • It helps organizations save costs and brings IT insights into their projects.
  • You will be able to understand the requirements of users and manage their expectations.
  • You can increase support to regulatory challenges.
  • You get a better understanding of IT services.
  • There are shorter lifecycles and increased efficiency.
  • Better risk management even after the completion of a project.

Magic quadrants in ITSM

Magic quadrants are the visual representation of criteria that affect an organization’s performance. These criteria are pre-determined and can’t be changed later. The primary purpose of magic quadrants is to show companies how well they are performing following their vision. It is named the magic quadrant because you have to select four categories for the assessment.

These magic quadrants are essential for the functioning of every company because they consider key IT areas. You can analyze many criticalregions of the ITSM companies that affect its growth in a particular year.

Gartner Magic Quadrant 2019 report for ITSM tools

Gartner has been leading the magic quadrant services for a long time now. They analyze the key performance areas of companies and prepare reports of their performances. Before searching for more about the reports, it is imperative to understand how the Gartner magic quadrant works.

  • The magic quadrant takes four types of providers into considerations. These providers can change the way technology affects our lives. Magic quadrant mainly focuses on markets where growth is more, and the provider differentiation is clear and distinct. If you can’t differentiate between the key providers, a magic quadrant will not work.
  • There are four levels of providers in a magic quadrant. They are – leaders, visionaries, niche players, and challengers. All these providers are crucial for the functioning of technology and decide the course of a project or service.
  • The visionaries have an essential role in understanding the market scenario. They have to use their vision to determine the path of a particular project. Not complying with market rules is a significant trait of visionaries, and they can quickly bring forth a groundbreaking idea.
  • Niche players focus on the localization of the product or business. They mainly focus on smaller segments and try to weed out competition from that area.
  • Challengers are anessential part of any project, and they have the power to dominate over a large segment. These providers can sail through any situation and can change the way a company functions or performs.

What purpose do Gartner magic quadrants serve?

The main features of a magic quadrant are the goals and priorities. With the help of magic quadrants, you can reflect on the business goals, needs, and preferences—analysis of the situation and essential decision-making form the central aspect of magic quadrants. The Gartner’s magic quadrant helps bring industry insights to the project works.

Gartner has been producing numerous reports of various ITSM tools using the magic quadrant. In 2019 too, it came out with a detailed report on the functioning of various ITSM tools. These reports are essential because they give the industry insiders as well as outsiders a brief idea about the various ITSM tools. Anyone can download these reports to view the graphic representation of ITSM infrastructure in a particular way.

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